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Item Number: USCSRW6ST
Twin 6ft webbing self retracting lifeline
Spanset Arm Strap
Item Number: USCASHD
Fall protection arm strap
3M Low Profile Shock Lanyard
Item Number: 209712
Fall protection, shock absorbing, lanyards,
MSA Lanyard
Item Number: 454-10047084
Spanset Pelican Hook
Item Number: 0194
Steel Hook
Spanset Fall Arrest Harness
Item Number: US1121
Harness for fall protection
3m Harness and Lanyard combo
Item Number: 30502
3m fall protection aerial harness and lanyard
Spanset Safety Harness
Item Number: USWORKA
Safety harness
11 ft. Twin Self Retracting Lifeline
Item Number: USCRW11S-T
11 in. Web twin composite self retracting lifeline with external energy absorber
11 ft. Self Retracting Lifeline
Item Number: USCSRW11S
Key features: 11 inch Web twin composite self retracting with 3/4 inch double action snap hook
Aluminum Snap Hook
Item Number: US8002BLU
Key features: forged aluminum snap hook
Aluminum Carabiner
Item Number: US9313-2K
Forged aluminum alloy carabiner
Steel Carabiner
Item Number: USN256-2
Alloy steel carabiner
Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rebar Hooks
Item Number: USLF68R
6 foot fall arrest lanyard with safety hooks
Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rope Grab
Item Number: US3050RG3
3 ft. fall arrest lanyard with rope grap
Twin Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard with Safety Hooks
Item Number: USLF66H
PVC Coated 6 ft. twin leg tie back fall arrest lanyard with safety hooks
Removable Rope Grab
Item Number: USPUMAP
Aluminum ascender features a rope friendly mechanism and removable pin for easy release
PVC Coated Cross Arm Strap
Item Number: USCASPVC
The PVC coating on this cross arm protects against abrasions and snags.
Gotcha Kit Suspension Loop
Item Number: USGOTCHA-SL
This will help to relieve some of the effects and extend the period of time for a rescue to be effec
Gotcha Grabba Accessory
Item Number: USGRABBA
This is an accessory to the Gotcha Kit that enables the recovery of a victim from any length wire ro
Steel Swivel Anchor
Item Number: USSWY100YS
Swivel anchors are easy to install and remove for repeated use.
Concrete Swivel Anchor
Item Number: USSWY100C
Can be used for both steel and concrete applications.
Roof Truss Anchor
Item Number: USSA01
Product is designed to be used as an anchorage device on wooden frame roof structures.


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