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G Series Liquid Concentrate
Item Number: 5200-33984
Concentrated liquid, makes 5 gallons. Available in 4 flavors
G Series Powder Packs
Item Number: 5200-9653
Powder concentrate, 8 pack, each makes 20 ounces
Sqwincher Lite- Qwik Sticks
Item Number: 4566
50- single use powder packs, available in 4 flavors, sugar free
Sqwincher Sqweeze Popsicles
Item Number: 690-159200201
Electrolyte freezer pops.
Comeaux Cooling Towels
Item Number: 0
Cool down with these unique towels
Terry Toppers
Item Number: 887
Cooling wrist band
MiraCool Reversible Cooling Vest
Item Number: 900-153
Reversible vest with cooling inserts
Thermo-Guard Cooling Cap
Item Number: 02022
Designed to shield you from intense heat. Can be warn alone or under hard hat, welding hood...etc.
Qwik Cooler Neck Wrap
Item Number: 02021
Soak for 5 minutes and enjoy all day cooling. No crystals, no beads!
Thermo-Cool Cooling Hard Hat Pads
Item Number: 02443R
Wear inside your hard hat to keep your head cool. Available in several colors.
Thero-Cool Headband
Item Number: 0568
Keep your head and face cool with this effective and stylish headband. Available in several colors.


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