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Every job has its own protection requirements, and footwear is one of the segments in this respect. There are many people who still believe that safety footwear is only chosen by size, type and colour. But safety footwear is not necessarily safe just for its name. Depending on the hazards in each workplace, workers will need the most suitable type of shoe.  Generalities in terms of safety, offered by most manufacturers, include protection against shock, sharp objects, with antipuncture soles and insoles, protecting the foot and toes, for instance. However, COFRA GOES BEYOND TRADITIONAL STANDARDS, seeking to protect against specific hazards and offering solutions for each type of task. By investing 5% of their invoicing totals in Research and Development (R D), the company can offer in-depth analysis of hazards in various occupations, and specific, suitable solutions for all workers, regardless of their activity. When it comes to working in adverse weather, or in places where temperature is extremely cold, Cofra has come up with Thermic boots as a solution, a modern footwear concept that helps workers feel comfortable regardless of weather conditions. By using the most advanced injection machines and vanguard technologies in physical-chemical labs, Cofra developed these hi-tech boots insulating against the cold but at the same time, reducing weight by means of the polyurethane cell structure. For fishermen, and workers in sea platforms, mining or oil drilling


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